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It’s A Fact…

Anyone who tells you to pull back from your business
so you can “have a life” doesn’t really get you.
Or what you want out of life.

Neither does anyone who tells you,
“Success isn’t everything. You shouldn’t be working so hard.”

And anyone who pitches you “productivity coaching” is blind to the obvious:

But what if I told you,
you could…

Break through to that next zero in your income
(7-figures, 8-figures, sure — even 9-figures)
without spending
a second more on your business?

Scale your business without overwhelm or overworking?

Take home an income that matches the huge, eye-popping numbers you bring in —
instead of watching it all disappear to expenses and taxes every quarter?

Become the CEO of your whole life
– your health, love life, family life and friendships –
without slowing down
the supernova that is your business?

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How do I know you can?

because those are the exact results I deliver

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What I do, in this biz, is called
“mindset coaching”

That’s shorthand for using brain science
to uncover the hidden blocks (and the ones you know are there)
that are holding you back from your fullest potential.
In your business, and in your life.

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5-star Service.
Zero Judgement


This is confidential, mess-friendly territory.

I won’t “tsk” you for blowing off your college BFF’s bachelorette party to run a webinar.

I won’t tell a soul that the huge launch you did felt like a letdown.

Your money worries that would shock most people who follow your success?

They never leave this room. (But they will go away.)

And the fact that your life looks full and perfect in your Facebook ads,
but your heart secretly aches for connection? I’ve got you.



I will never tell you to pull back from your business.

I will never tell you to “just take a break”

I won’t try to motivate you – you’re already motivated (major understatement).


What I will do?

Help you reshape the way you approach any obstacle

— so that your business smashes every goal,

your big milestones feel truly champagne-worthy,

and your life lines up with that rich picture of

enjoyment that’s felt so elusive.

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Is this what you’re looking for?

Let’s Get Started.

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Who am I?

Hi, I’m Annette Austin.
And I’ve got your “missing piece.”


I’ve spent 30 years mentoring 6 to 9-figure
entrepreneurs like you to reach their full potential.


I help you get results like no one else,
I bring the whole package:


Proven 7, 8, 9 figure strategies to scale your business

Unique “CEO Mindset” approach grounded in cutting-edge research
from the fields of neuroscience, positive psychology, spirituality,
leadership development, and wellness.

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Background aside, I come with a special built-in feature.
I describe it as X-ray vision for your blind spots.
And if you don’t think you have any,
well — that’s a blind spot.



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